Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

Reuniting with family members that you see less often brings great joy this holiday season. And with Christmas comes gifts. When your family is quite the crowd, it may more preferable to find Christmas gifts that the entire family will appreciate. Such gifts can be more practical when you are packing your car up to the top for the family holiday trip. It’s simply more economical too. These family Christmas gifts ideas will serve just the right purpose.

  1. Christmas Basket

The classic and always appreciated gift is the gift of food. A gourmet basket are great Christmas gifts for the whole family. Choose a Christmas basket with lots of different little items. Something sweet for the kids and perhaps something boozy for the adults, all in one pretty wrapped Christmas basket.

  1. Amusement Park Tickets

This is a Christmas gift that will have the kids jumping up and down the sofa with excitement. And secretly, the adults will be just as anxious to try the new roller coaster. Do a quick and simple search online for the nearest amusement park and book tickets with flexible dates. This keeps away the pressure from families that already have busy schedules.

  1. Personalised Family Mugs

Any gift that is customised gives a personal touch that makes the gift extra special. You can find plenty of online brands that can customise a mug. Companies tend to receive more orders during the holiday season so make sure that you order well ahead of time to make sure the gift arrives in time for Christmas. Choose a family picture for the mugs or have their names engraved. A personal mug is one less thing to bicker about in the mornings.

  1. Colour-By-Numbers Painting

This is a gift that can be a fun activity for kids and adults alike. Even those that are less artistically talented will be able to produce a good-looking painting when it is colour-by-numbers. The kids will enjoy getting colourful and the adults will feel nostalgic of the colourings books in their youth. And after the bonding activity, the painting can be put on display as a fond memory they shared.

  1. Matching Pyjamas

Waking up on Christmas morning and seeing the lit Christmas tree with presents all around, ready to be opened. A childhood memory that many of us share. Make Christmas morning even more fun by giving each other matching pyjamas. This also makes for fun family photos.

  1. Board Games

Board games are a great way to create some friendly competition during family gatherings. Do away with the online games on tablets and phones and choose a board game the whole family can huddle around. Choose a simple enough game that the kids will understand quickly and the adults can get competitive with. Laughter is guaranteed.

Whichever Christmas gift you chose, this Christmas gift ideas on this list are bound to be fun and appreciated by all members of the family. This is family Christmas gift shopping made easy.