Reasons behind increase in Pollution

If we talk about human nature we always work on those things which are going to hit us or our world instantly and create huge damage. But we will never pay attention to those problems which are hitting us slowly but when they reach a maximum point create more damage than an instant accident.

The same happened in the case of pollution. Humans are always worried about wars like world war one, two, and now world war three. But they never think about the most dangerous thing which is pollution. We lost more human life due to pollution then world war.

In every situation and problem, the advancement of human beings saves them from that problem. But this problem is created because of advancements in different fields of human life like the manufacturing industry. it’s in the nature of human beings whenever they saw a possibility which provides them the benefit they always neglect its negative impact in the long term.

So what we do in the age of industrialization and afterword we start developing products which create ease in human lives. These products serve the results for which they were developed but at a huge cost which is destroying Mother Nature and the environment.

So in the era of industrialization when human are manufacturing products which are creating easing for human beings they are actually destroying the nature and environment as well. People work in these factories day and night to standardize their lifestyle but at what cost they never think about it.

Reason for pollution:

These factories are the main source of pollution from day one. These factories are the main source of air pollution. The smoke which came out of these factories has so many toxic chemicals in it that it is damaging the health of human beings. These chemicals are creating breathing problems in human beings for several years.

There are several big cities in this world where people have everything in their life except fresh air. Numbers of people who are living in these cities have breathing problems. They wear a mask whenever go out of their home.

But as always humans create a solution for everything even though the mess is created by them. There is a company with the name of ecoquest this company creates a solution for this problem. They are developing air purifiers that help to purify the air in your surroundings.

These air purifiers help you to get purifies air in a controlled environment like your room or in your home. But we will not get a proper pollution-free air till the time we find out a way to minimize that smoke pollution from these factories.

There are many roles that are developed by world health organization regarding these factories which will help to reduce it at some stage. But we need a more advanced solution like air purifier for these companies as well which help to reduce their amount of pollution in the air. So our new generation can breathe in a pollution-free environment.